What others have said about S.N.I.F.F. Sibling Support Groups…

Some parents were highly motivated to attend S.N.I.F.F. Sibling Support Groups because of the growth they saw in their sibling children.

  • “My child has been able to transfer skills to other relationships at school”
  • “My child is expressing her feelings more”
  • “My son is much more understanding of his brother now”
  • “My child really enjoyed meeting new friends”
  • “My child had a good time interacting with siblings who experience the same / similar difficulties”

Other parents thoroughly enjoyed what the workshops had to offer them personally.

  • “It was important to learn ways of coping and de-stressing”
  • “I learned more about my child’s disability”
  • “Overall, it was an excellent experience”
  • “Changed my family understanding about my child”
  • “I learned a lot about disabilities”
  • “The Activities were fresh even for someone who has taken lots of workshops”
  • “Everything was explained in a fun way”
  • “I did not really know what to expect, so this far exceeded anything I might have thought!”
  • “The best part was the parent sharing experiences in a safe environment”

Relationships and friendships were key to people’s experience.

  • “Discussions were serious and deep enough’.  “I felt very safe and understood”.  “I liked the chatting time”.  “It was good to get things off my chest”.  “It was good to talk with people in the same circumstances”.  “I learned that I am not alone”.  “It felt safe to talk”.  “I felt comfortable sharing feelings with the group”
  • “It really helped me start conversations with my son”.  “I had good discussions with child on the way home”.   “My ride home with my son was very important to me”
  •  “I met many new friends”.  “I liked meeting new people”.  “My child made new friends”
  • “The whole program was wonderful”
  • “My son loves to come to S.N.I.F.F. Sibling Support Groups”
  • “Our daughters have become the closest of friends because of S.N.I.F.F.”

Some parents reported that S.N.I.F.F. Sibling Support Groups were unlike any other parent support group because their sibling children felt they belonged.

  • One said, “Finally, my child had something of their own”